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Our Services

We have all the experience in the petrochemical industry. Why then should you decide to deal with us? In a nutshell, because of our service attitude! Our statement that we excel in this regard is no idle statement, as the following facts show. We are geared for the provision of first class service, with efficiency, dependability and customer satisfaction, being our utmost concern. Our qualified and have been working in the industry for quite some time. The director of the company Merchas Mabheka Ncube has 22 years of experience in the industry.

Dispensing System

Suction Pump, and dispenser and Submersible Turbine Pump (STP), suction Pump, the pump is located on an island and “sucks” the product from the underground storage tank through the suction pipes to the pump for discharge. For ease of suction and to prevent cavitation, the tank must be located as near to the pump as is practically possible. Due to the increase in surface temperatures in high temperature areas the top of pipes must be buried a minimum of 500mm below ground surface for all installations. Maximum allowable distance between tank and pump must on no account exceed 30 meters.

UST installation

Pre-Installation Inspection, the service provider is to perform a visual inspection of the tank prior to installation. If the tank integrity is in any way suspected, it is the responsibility of the service provider to immediately inform the Project Specialist before continuing with the installation. Any suspected defect /abrasion to the tank fiberglass surface must be subjected to a compulsory “Holiday Test” (electrical conductivity through the fiberglass layer).


With reference to 4.2.2 of SANS 10089-3 the following critical parameters shall be maintained unless otherwise stipulated in the drawings approved by the local authority. The excavation plan dimensions shall be such that there is a minimum 500mm clearance all around the tank namely : Length, tank length plus 1000mm minimum, width: tank diameter plus 1000mm minimum, depth: The top of the tank shell must be a minimum depth of 1250mm below finished ground level. The bottom of the excavation shall be a minimum of 150mm below the underside of the tank.

Installing Tank

The excavation should be free of water, rocks and other foreign material before lowering the tank onto a bed of clean sand or soft material of minimum depth 150mm (from the highest point of the floor excavation). The sand or material must comply with requirements laid down in SANS 10089-3. The tank should be evenly spaced between pit walls. The tank and outlets must face vertically upwards.

Concrete Slabs

With slab with a minimum strength of 30 MPa shall be cast over the full extent of the tank farm. This is usually placed directly over the top of the tanks, some 50mm above the tank. It can also be positioned at ground level as concrete paving over the tanks (this may be called for by some local authorities) or incorporated in the design of the tank saddle anchoring device. The following requirements must be observed

Pipe-Work Installation

Trench Excavations, unless otherwise shown on the drawings or directed by client in writing, trenches shall be excavated to minimum 700mm deep below final paving level for cable ducts or conduits and pipes up to 150mm diameter. Trenches for pipes or cable ducts shall be a minimum of 600mm wide for pipes/ducts up to 100 diameter and 650 wide for 150 diameter pipes/ducts..


It is the service provider’s responsibility to ensure that acceptance tests are carried out on the backfill material by an approved soils laboratory. These tests are to be timeously forwarded to the Project Specialist for approval as the work proceeds. Backfill material shall be compacted to the densities specified on the drawings or in the appropriate specification..

Pipeline Specification

Petroplas piping and Frialen fittings shall be used in general. An alternative to this is the Smart Flex Range for Nupi. It is important to note that the fittings to be used must be the fittings specified by the pipe supplier. For detailed specification on lying of petroplas or nupi pipe refer to supplier specification. Alternatives may only be used if approved by the Project Specialist in writing.